4 Ways to avoid a Central Florida bicycle accident

If you are an avid biker the scariest moment is when you come up on a car or truck that is making a right-hand turn from a side street, parking lot or business.   For those us who frequently ride – the scariest moment is when there is a vehicle pulling up or ready to make a right hand turn.  A lot of times, these drivers look right past or right through you.

You should follow these four steps to avoid these “right cross” accidents:

  1. Wave to the driver.  The act of waiving will cause a disrupt in the driver’s eye pattern and cause him to focus on you.  Remember most of these drivers are not looking for bicycles but they are looking for other cars and trucks.
  2. Make eye contact with the driver.  In Florida this can be pretty difficult because many drivers wear sunglasses and you cannot see their eyes.
  3. If you are able, move the left a few feet.  This will allow you to get in the driver’s field of vision and also cause a disruption or add stimulus to the driver’s visual field.
  4. Listen to your gut.  If you feel that the driver is not recognizing your presence STOP. Your life is more important than your average MPH or getting to your destination a few minutes sooner.

If you have any questions about a Central Florida bicycle accident, you can give me a call or shoot me an email.