Florida Minimum Car Accident Insurance Requirements | Guy S. DiMartino DC, JD, PA

Florida car accident lawyer, Guy S. DiMartino, DC, JD, discusses Florida minimum car insurance requirements original post at gsdimartino.com.

The minimum car insurance requirements for personal vehicles are $10,000 of personal injury protection insurance and $10,000 of property damage insurance.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Personal Injury Protection Insurance “PIP” is also known as no-fault insurance. It provides up to $10,000 in benefits to pay for medical expenses or wage loss related to a car crash whether or not the insured is at fault for the accident. The Pip law is changing in January 2013.

Property Damage Insurance

Property damage insurance pays for the other partys damage to their vehicle or other property if the insured is at fault for the crash.

Floridas minimum insurance requirements are some of the lowest in the nation. Remember insurance has only one purpose and that is to PROTECT THE INSURED. Insurance should protect the insured if they injure somebody else in a car accident. The only way to protect yourself is to purchase enough bodily injury insurance to allow for compensation if you injure another party in an accident. Insurance should also be available to protect you if you are injured by another driver (who will most likely be uninsured or underinsured). You can protect yourself by purchasing uninsured motorist. If you are injured in a car accident and the other driver does not have bodily insurance coverage or has a low limit of bodily injury coverage, uninsured motorist coverage will be available to compensate you for your injuries.

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