Injured when on vacation in Orlando?

You were saving up for years to take your family to Florida for a vacation. The kids were looking forward to Disney, Universal and swimming at the hotel’s pool. You arrive, everything is going great, and then suddenly, you are injured in a car accident on state road 192 or I-4. You spend the rest of your vacation in the hospital, seeing doctors and in your hotel room. Getting in an accident is bad enough, but when it happens out of town, the process can be pretty confusing.

You may have questions like how do you bring a claim for your injuries when home is far away? Let me try to put some of this into perspective. Just because you are an out of state resident, doesn’t mean you cannot bring a personal injury claim in Florida. If the accident happened Florida, you can bring your claim in Florida.

You don’t have to live in Florida while your case is pending, and you are free to see your doctors back home.  If your case doesn’t resolve in the claims process and you and your attorney decide to file a lawsuit for your injuries, You will have to return to Florida for a number of events during the pendency of the suit.

Click here if you would like to learn about the times when you will have to return to Florida because of your lawsuit. You don’t have to worry because these trips can be coordinated in advance, and if you plan on coming back to Florida we can make sure that a majority of the work on your case is done when you’re in town. These things may seem overwhelming but you have to understand that people from out of state get hurt all the time and there are ways to work around it.

This is why you should at least consult an attorney early n so you plan the claims process to work with your availability.

 If you have are from out of state and you were injured in an Orlando area accident, give me a call at 352-329-0329.