Leesburg Florida Lawyer| Discusses Filing A Claim With Nationwide Insurance

Leesburg Florida Lawyer| Discusses Filing A Claim With Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance Company and its other lines Titan and Allied Insurance write a good number of policies in Florida.  Nationwide’s insurance and financial service branches is one of the largest in the United States with $135 billion in assets.  Generally, Nationwide writes higher dollar insurance policies and Titan writes lower dollar policies.  You probably know the jingle – Nationwide is by your side.

Nationwide has a large regional office in Gainesville.  It is difficult to predict how Nationwide will value a claim in Florida.  I believe the reason why Nationwide is difficult to predict is because the individual adjusters have more settlement authority and autonomy than a lot of the other insurance companies.  This is probably due to the fact that Nationwide has strong underwriting guidelines and writes most of its policies to good customers.

Most Nationwide claims are adjusted out of its main Florida office located in Gainesville.  However, Nationwide has a lot of national accounts and sometimes I will see adjusters from all over the country.

I have seen Nationwide pay much more money to some of our clients than other insurance companies.  This is probably due to the fact that the adjuster actually adjusts the claim, looks at the injured person as a person and not a statistic.  The downside of Nationwide adjusters actually spending time evaluating the claim is that sometimes they are not as responsive as some of the other companies adjusters.

Dealing with Nationwide after a lawsuit has been filed

In recent years, Nationwide has had a big push to divert lawsuits to in-house counsel.  Nationwide has in-house counsel offices throughout Florida.  As a general rule, Nationwide’s in-house counsel are professional and good lawyers.

Nationwide Settlements following a lawsuit

Depending on the type of case and potential damages, the case will sometimes be transferred to another level of adjuster after a lawsuit is filed.  I have not had to try a Nationwide auto or premises liability case.  Most of my cases with Nationwide have settled either at mediation or the week before trial.  Nationwide unlike some of the other property and casualty insurance companies appears to care about putting their insureds through the rigors of trial.

Based on my personal experience, behind Florida Farm Bureau, Nationwide is my next favorite insurance company to deal with.  If you would like a free copy of my book, A Guide to Florida Car Accident Claims, fill out the internet consultation box on the right or give me a call.