Leesburg Florida Lawyer| Explains filing a claim with Horace Mann Insurance

Leesburg Florida lawyer explains filing a claim with Horace Mann Insurance Company.

Horace Mann doesn’t write a high volume of car insurance policies in Florida; but, I’ll see these claims every one in a while. Horace Mann insurance company writes automobile and other insurance products primarily to educators. Horace Mann’s slogan is “founded by educators for educators.”

Because teachers and their family members are primary insured’s with Horace Mann, it insures a good base of people so it is able write stronger policies with higher limits of insurance coverage for reasonable rates.

Generally, Horace Mann is fair to deal -when trying to resolve an automobile accident claim. The company’s offers are definitely above average and the adjusters appear to have latitude to bargain. Most Florida claims are adjusted out of the Southeast Regional office located in South Carolina.

I have not had to file a lawsuit against a Horace Mann insured but I can tell you that the company does not have in-house law offices in Florida so it would have to hire outside counsel to represent its insured.

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