Stuart Car Accident Lawyer| Most Dangerous Intersections

Stuart – Port St. Lucie car accident lawyer discusses the most dangerous intersections in the area. 

The longer you practice the more you see patterns developing.  This is certainly true when it comes to intersection collisions.  Traffic planning entities say there is nothing wrong with the intersections and the accidents are because of speed, driver error and inattention. These statements; however, can be debated.

The Stuart News recently published the list of the intersections in Martin and St. Lucie Counties  with the most traffic accidents in 2012.

Martin County

  • Britt Road and US 1
  • Jensen Beach Blvd. and US 1
  • Cove Road and US 1
  • Indian Street and US 1
  • Salerno Road and US 1

In Port St. Lucie, Prima Vista and US 1 had a high number of accidents.

The Stuart News also provided the intersections in which there were fatalities in 2011:

Martin County

  • Bridge Road and Powerline Road
  • Crossrip and Old Dixie Highway
  • A1A and Contractor Way
  • Martin Highway and Martin Downs Blvd.
  • SR 732 and Jensen Beach Causeway Park
  • SR 710 and Jackson Ave.
  • Martin Downs and Mapp Rd.
  • St. Lucie County
  • PSL Blvd. and Castaneda Ln.
  • Prima Vista and Airoso Blvd.
  • Prima Vista and Irving Street
  • Turnpike Feeder Rd. and St. Lucie Blvd.
  • Indrio Rd. and Johnston Rd.
  • US 1 and Tennessee Ave.
  • Gatlin Blvd. and Sherlock Ln.

Indian River county

  • 26th Street and 58th Ave.
  • US 1 and County Rd. 510
  • 16th Street and 43rd Ave.
  • First Street SW and 39th Dr.
  • 26th Street and 43rd Ave.
  • Second Street and 18th Ave.
  • 37th Street and 15th Ave.
  • 37th Street and Indian River Blvd.
  • 45th Street and Indian River Blvd.
  • 49th Street and 35th Ave.
  • 58th Ave. and Oslo Rd.
  • 41st Street and Indian River Blvd.
  • US 1 and 53rd Street

When we’re driving in the treasure coast we need to be aware that some of the intersections are more dangerous and use caution.

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