Leesburg Florida personal injury lawyer| filing a claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance | Guy S. DiMartino DC, JD, PA

Leesburg Florida personal injury lawyer discusses filing a claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Liberty Mutual has become one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Liberty Mutual claims to be the third largest property and casualty insurance company in the United States based on net premium dollars. Liberty Mutual writes many lines of insurance such as car accident insurance policies, business insurance policies, and workers compensation insurance. Further, Liberty Mutual is the insurance company for a number of national accounts including Darden Restaurant group (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc.). Recently, Liberty Mutual purchased Safeco Insurance Company personal lines insurance. Liberty Mutual has not changed Safecos name and as of today, Safeco adjusters appear to be separate and distinct from Libertys adjusters, even though they may be in the same claims offices. Safeco has a central mailing office in Los Angeles. That is correct, even if the claims office is down the block, you have to send your correspondence from Orlando to Los Angeles before it gets to the claims adjuster.

Dealing with Liberty Mutual in automobile accident claims

Liberty Mutuals claims are handled in different regions depending whether it is a personal lines or business lines policy. There are a few Central Florida claims offices including Lake Mary and Tampa. Darden Restaurant claims are adjusted in Orlando with a special assigned unit of adjusters. Most South Florida claims are handled in Liberty Mutuals Fort Lauderdale office and west coast claims are handled in Tampa.

In the claims process, Liberty Mutual appears to be fair with its claims. It will pay money on worthy claims. However, if the adjuster has a problem with the claim h/she will dig in their heels and defend the case to the end. Dealing with the adjusters who handle national counts is different than dealing with personal lines adjusters. These adjusters appear to be more sophisticated and are more willing to compromise on claims.

Dealing with Liberty Mutual after a lawsuit is filed

Odds are the lawsuit will be assigned to in-house counsel. In Central Florida, Libertys in-house counsel is the Law Offices of Glenn Comer. In South Florida, Libertys in-house counsel is the Law Offices of Maria Desantis. Libertys in-house lawyers are competent and handle the cases appropriately. Generally, in-house lawyers have less of an impact on determining the value of a car accident case because they actually work for the insurance company.

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