Tibia fractures after a Florida accident

Tibial Fractures After an Accident

If you have been injured in an accident, and you have been told that you have tibia fracture, or what is called the shin bone, you may have several questions that have yet to be asked. For example, you may not know when you will be able to return to work, or you might be unsure if you may face residual problems following the accident. You may have no idea what your future looks like, and it is best to seek legal representation in your circumstances.

How to Understand Tibia Fractures

To understand what is going on with a tibia fracture, it is important to understand how the tibia works. The tibia is the longer bigger bone that runs from the knee down to the ankle. If there is a fracture to the top part of the tibia, those fractures tend to heal rather quickly. However, there are two different types of impacts: a front impact directly to the shin, and a side impact. These blows can potentially result in a tibial plateau fracture, or the front and top part of the tibia. What is attached to the tibial plateau is the meniscus (cartilage) of the knee and handles a lot of weight when the knee moves.

Complications of a Tibial Plateau Fracture

Some concerns following a tibial plateau fracture include, but are certainly not limited to, post-traumatic arthritis and destruction of the joint space, which could potentially lead to partial or total knee replacement. It is important for attorneys to be concerned about, when representing their clients who have tibia injuries, the tibial plateau healing correctly. Attorneys also need to be concerned that their clients do not develop post-traumatic arthritis. If they do, attorneys must take into account any future medical treatment that may be required after the injury has occurred.

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