What Types of Compensation Are Available in a Florida Personal Injury Case?

Leesburg Florida personal injury lawyer explains the types of compensation available to an injured person in a Florida personal injury case?

In most personal injury cases, the type of damages available to the injury victim is called compensatory damages. The purpose of “compensatory damages” is to compensate the injured person for their losses. The law knows that it cannot turn back the clock so money for the losses is the next best thing.

Let’s take a look at Florida Civil Jury Instruction 501.2, which is what a Florida jury will use to determine the injured person’s damages.

  • Injury, pain, disability, disfigurement, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life
  • Past and Future Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings, lost time, lost earning capacity

If the injuries are related to a motor vehicle accident, the jury will have to determine if the injured person either sustained a (1) permanent injury; or (2) significant scarring; or (3) significant and permanent loss of an important bodily function before it can award pain and suffering damages.

Compensatory damages are used to compensate the injured person for their losses they are not used to punish – punishment is the purposes of punitive damages.

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