Why are you Different Than Other Florida Car Accident Lawyers? | Guy S. DiMartino DC, JD, PA

Interviewer: What other factors would you say differentiate you from other car accident attorneys?

Guy S. DiMartino: I have two major distinguishing factors. First, I am also a chiropractic physician I treated patients injured in car accidents for over 17 years so I understand the medicine behind the injury. This understanding makes me a strong advocate for my clients. Second, I worked as an insurance defense lawyer for a number of years, which gives me an understanding of the insurance claims process, how insurance companies evaluate car accident claims, and how to negotiate with insurance adjusters.

The Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Florida Car Accident Attorney

Interviewer: If youre injured in an auto accident and youre seeking an attorney; What qualities would you look in a car accident lawyer?

Guy S. DiMartino: I would want an attorney to give me information about the process. I would want an attorney that would be able to lead me through the process and be straight with me regarding the good and bad of my claim. I wouldnt want a lawyer thats going to say, “Oh, your case is worth million dollars”, and then, two years down the road say, “Oh, the insurance company is offering you $5,000”. So, if you have a lawyer thats going to tell you, “Hey, Im going to guarantee that youre going to get so and so”, I would do either two things. Ask them to put that guarantee in writing, or turn and walk away.

Finally, car accident claims are a partnership between the client and the lawyer. The client is vested in the lawyer believing that the lawyer is going to do the right thing by them, and the lawyer is also vested in the client believing that the client is going to do the right thing. When I decide to accept a car accident case, I am giving the client my time, my energy and my money to fund their case. In exchange, I expect the client to be truthful, follow their doctors and my advice.

When You Hire a Car Accident Attorney You Are Creating a Partnership, The Client and the Attorney Need to be on the Same Page

With it being a partnership, you need to hire a lawyer that you like, you need to hire a lawyer that you can get along with, and you need to hire a lawyer that communicates the same way that you communicate. If youre somebody who wants to come in and see a lawyer once a week in the office, you have to make sure that thats something that resonates with your lawyer. If youre somebody who just wants an email or a text regarding your case once a month, and your lawyer doesnt text or email, then thats probably not the lawyer for you because thats the lawyer that might want you to come in and meet with him or her once a month. You know, there are a lot of great lawyers out there, so youll have to find the right one for you that works with your personality.

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