Why did the emergency room doctor tell me I was not injured after my Leesburg car accident? | Guy S. DiMartino DC, JD, PA

I recently received this question from a person injured in a Leesburg, Florida car accident.

Q. I was recently involved in a car accident on 441 by the Lakesquare Mall in Leesburg. After the accident, I went to a local hospital emergency room. I was in a lot of pain. The emergency room doctor looked at me, took a few x-rays, told me I was okay and released me. Ive been getting worse, why did the emergency room doctor tell me I was okay?

A. In order to understand what went on at the emergency room, you have to understand where the emergency room fits into the healthcare system. When you go to an emergency room after an accident, the healthcare providers job is to make sure that you are stable and do not have a life threatening condition. Typically in car accident case, the emergency room staff is looking for fractures or broken bones, internal injuries, and other life threatening issues like bleeding or a hematoma in the brain. If you didnt have these problems, you are OKAY.

This doesnt mean that you were not injured in the car accident, it only means that you did not have life threatening injuries. You should go to a doctor who works with car accident victims to get checked out if you are still having problems. Sometimes your family doctor will not want to deal with accident and injury claims so you should tell the doctors office that you are making an appointment because you were injured in a car accident.

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