Car Accident FAQs | Guy S. DiMartino DC, JD, PA

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Florida Car Accidents:

Can I represent myself in a Florida car accident claim?

What is the mind of a car accident victim?

Can I settle my property damage claim before my personal injury claim?

What are the common mistakes that hurt a Florida car accident claim?

How Do insurance Companies Work in Florida Car Accident Cases?

Is it better for me to see a chiropractor or medical doctor after my Florida car accident?

My health insurance sent me a letter asking about my car accident claim and they want part of my settlement, is this correct?

Should I call my own insurance company and tell them about my Florida car accident?

How does a delay in medical care impact my Florida car accident claim?

I feel like the car insurance company is out to get me, is it being malicious?

Should I sign the medical release that the insurance adjuster sent to me?

Why are you Different Than Other Florida Car Accident Lawyers?

What is medical payments insurance?

What is “No-Fault” or Personal Injury Protection insurance?

Why is it important to provide the insurance company with complete information after my accident?

Will the insurance company spy on me with video surveillance?

Do I need a lawyer to settle my Florida car accident Claim?

What if Im partially at fault for my Florida car accident?

What are common misconceptions that people have about Florida car accident claims?

What are the tactics used by insurance companies when handling Florida car accident claims?

What makes a good car accident claim?